I am interested*

November 2014

I am interested in relationships and conversations between people; in making art that is a conversation; in making art with you instead of for you; in making art for you because that is also necessary; in making art no one will ever see; in making art I can explain to my parents; in how teenagers are so fuck you and gentle at the same time; in pedagogy; in how art is a political tool; in how art is not a political tool; in art that borrows from many sources; in writing about my art and being able to understand each sentence; in science fiction like The Left Hand of Darkness; in how I put letterforms on paper; in propaganda; in the words in my mouth; in volume control; in how I store feelings in my spine; in making books; in thinking critically about audience; in making art that is dependent upon other people or public spaces; in conflicts between people and their governments; in the choice to tape nails to percussion grenades so they actually kill people; in the privilege and responsibility of reading about these grenades in the news; in the geography of public squares; in if there is a difference between sitting in and standing up; in what protest looks like; in the library as a place of public voice; in voice(s); in trying to visualize and materialize voice without relying on cliché; in starting from a place of intention; in finding histories that are new to me; in the history of hoodies; in how hard it is to write a good manifesto; in why Martin Luther King, Jr. has a day of service and not a day of action; in why we love each other; in how we express love.


*Format directly appropriated from Liz Lerman’s statement in Hiking the Horizontal: Field Notes from a Choreographer.

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